Development of effective environmental awareness, campaigns and education programmes.
Capacity building and training, management inputs and support to communities, government institutions and other CBO’s/NGO’s
Support and development of afforestation projects.
Natural resources/biodiversity conservation and wildlife management.
Integration of protected areas with local communities and government institutions in participatory management and development of sustainable livelihood plans.
Developing grassroots initiative, talents and action plans.
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of development project and interventions.
Corporate environment & social responsibilities.
Design and development of sustainable waste management and litigation plan
Technical and economic handling of ecotourism projects and development of exchange programmes/study tours
Environmental research, database development and statistics.


It’s our task to find innovative and practical solutions while doing our part to preserve the planet. We add value to every project by balancing environmental strategies with the practical limits imposed by scope and budget. By responding to design challenges with holistic planning at the outset of the project, our goal is to achieve the best fit within the aesthetic, environmental, and historical context.