Green Mobilisation Initiative (henceforth ‘GMI’) is a sustainable-environment focused Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Abuja. We are particularly interested in initiating and developing programmes and activities designed to improve the equilibrium and address the biodiversity of Nigeria’s ecosystem. Most of our activities are carried out to restore the harmony of the system hitherto damaged and adulterated by massive and wide scale environment-unfriendly activities like indiscriminate bush burning in the South-East, oil and gas exploitation and exploration in the South-South, uncontrolled falling of trees in the South-West, excess tillage operations and human/animal-initiated weathering of the soil in the North-West, etc. As well as technological solutions to problems such as solid waste, alternative energy, global warming, ozone depletion, desertification, oil spillage pollution and climate change.
GMI is a very practical organisation working across all sectors of the society with special programs for local communities involving the use of participatory tools (PRA & PLA) in sustainable livelihoods’ planning and community driven development processes through grassroots capacity mobilisation and development, where local communities are empowered to take charge of their own development agenda.

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GMI’s mission is to conserve and develop a sustainable approach towards the entire spectrum of human activities in relation to their environment.


We envisage a time when we shall become a key player in addressing Africa’s toughest environmental challenges. We hope to get to a position where we are able to conduct thorough international researches to find out best ways to ensure productive interactions between humans and their environment. We project that by 2030 we must have contributed remarkably to the sustenance of the natural quality of the various components of our planet and nature.


We believe that in serving humanity we get involved in the real business; as much as we have received from the society, we want to give back. We are working towards a time when we shall allocate a defined percentage of our yearly budget to development aid workers and volunteers and also partner NGOs within our professional thematic area to develop the society in line with the SDGs and other global goals of the United Nations.

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