Key Personnel

GMI has a small but highly efficient work team. We are also able to hire and recruit more labour when we have projects that may require more desk staff. Currently, we have eight (8) full-time team mates and hope to increase that to 12 by the end of 2020. But more importantly, GMI is a volunteers-driven initiative. We employ youths of the areas and other capable hands within the community to assist us in projects.  Structurally, GMI has access to a network of over 50 young professionals who are working as an alliance to practice in their field. We are able to call on members of the alliance to boost capacity on projects that may require more of that. The following are current members of the Green Mobilization Initiative’s team.


Mr. Victor Enebi

Professor C.F. Mafiana

Mr. Gabriel Aborele

Mrs. Beatrice Aborele


Development of effective environmental awareness, campaigns and education programmes.
Capacity building and training, management inputs and support to communities, government institutions and other CBO’s/NGO’s
Support and development of afforestation projects.
Natural resources/biodiversity conservation and wildlife management.
Integration of protected areas with local communities and government institutions in participatory management and development of sustainable livelihood plans.
Developing grassroots initiative, talents and action plans.
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of development project and interventions.
Corporate environment & social responsibilities.
Design and development of sustainable waste management and litigation plan
Technical and economic handling of ecotourism projects and development of exchange programmes/study tours
Environmental research, database development and statistics.